Our Strategy

Picture of meetingPicture of committee meetingIn 2012 Brisbane Catchments Network developed its Brisbane Community Biodiversity Strategy which aims to provide direction and scope to achieve the Networks long term goals.   The vision of the Strategy is:

“A healthy and biodiverse Brisbane”

The Strategy is aimed at empowering the wider Brisbane community to maintain biodiversity in the modified environment of a contemporary and growing city through focussing on positive actions.  These actions are aimed at empowering the community in three ways:

Valuing: Raising levels of awareness, understanding and commitment to valuing and conserving biodiversity at the community level

Doing: Strengthening biodiversity conservation through increasing involvement from all levels of the community in activities undertaken on ground with a local focus

Supporting: Appealing to a wider audience in a way which empowers people and supports the community t help itself.

The Brisbane Community Biodiversity Strategy was developed in partnership with the wider Brisbane community.  It is an iterative approach, and all community groups and individuals are welcome to become involved in existing actions, to create new ones, or just help spread the word.  Sounds like you?  Please contact us.