Brisbane River Corridor Restoration Program

The Brisbane River creates a special space in the City, a corridor comprising the waterway itself and the waterfront land and structures along it.

The unique shape of the corridor, the meanders which wind through the City, has become an image which
distinguishes the identity of Brisbane.

Our vision for the Brisbane River is for it to be a clean and healthy River, the principle asset for the city of Brisbane, available for the wider Brisbane community to value and enjoy.

Through our Brisbane River Corridor Restoration Program we are working to restore, maintain and enhance the Brisbane River for the benefit of the whole Brisbane community.

River restorationRiver restorationVery first River restoration site that Brisbane Catchments Network undertook

Queensport Rocks

The Brisbane River Corridor Restoration Program was launched at Queensport Rocks, on an area of freehold land at Murarrie on the Lower Brisbane River.

The land adjoins the Moreton Bay Cycleway, and buffers a mangrove ecosystem directly adjacent to the Brisbane River. 

Although only a narrow strip of land, we considered this area fairly as it acts as a pollution filter for the mangrove ecosystem, helping to reduce impacts from adjoining commercial and industrial land. 

In addition, the Moreton Bay Cycleway is one of the most popular riverside paths in Brisbane, joining Colmslie Reserve with Queensport Rocks Park.

It was heavily infested with weeds and over 100 volunteers and seven different catchment groups have contributed to its initial restoration. 

Initially a 100m stretch was cleared of weeds and restored with native vegetation and in 2012 the mangrove buffer was extended by approximately 1km.

This site was selected by the Queensland Government to launch their Everyone’s Environment Grants Program 2011.

Thank you our project partners SEQ Catchments, the Australian Government (Caring for our Country Coastal Awareness program) and the Queensland Government (Everyone's Environment Grant).

Colmslie Beach Reserve

Colmslie Beach Reserve is an interesting spot because it is an interface between a beach, a buffered stretch of land along the river with healthy trees and plants and a weed infested small hill just behind it. This Reserve also adjoins the site at Queensport Rocks.

BCN has been able to restore a section of the river bank here with great community involvement through the first Landcare for Singles event held in Brisbane in 2014. 

Over 80 people helped plants over 300 plants, whilst also making some great friendships on the day.

Check out the photos or listen to BCN Secretary Louise Orr discuss the event here. We also did a short video of the day! 

Thank you to the Queensland Government for their generous support through the second round of their Everyone's Environment Grant.


Photos from top right to bottom right: Participants at the "Landcare for Singles" planting event, Brisbane Catchments Network President Wayne Cameron, River Restoration, and picture of the first restoration site Brisbane Catchments Network undertook.